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Uplevel Solutions was founded by serial entrepreneur Katrina McKay originally to support her own businesses, then her business coaching clients, and finally entrepreneurs at large. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their companies while creating sustainable working opportunities for people in the Philippines – particularly women – where career prospects are slim and sometimes less than desirable.

“Outsourcing” has quickly become a buzz word amongst entrepreneurs. We all know we need to shorten our to-do lists, and get all of those pesky administrative tasks assigned to someone else. We’re also driven to strive for efficiency. And inexpensive offshore labour often seems like a perfect solution.

Yet there can be major hiccups along the way – the recruitment process is laborious and adds MORE admin before we can clear some of it off of our plates. And our outsourcers aren’t always reliable, or oversell and under deliver. They may not have the training we need.

At Uplevel Solutions, we’re the middle ground. We have a well-managed team who wants to work, loves to work. We have boots on the ground in the Philippines plus a dedicated team in Toronto, Canada. The best of both worlds. We want you to grow…and we want to grow right along with you.

How We're Different…

We’re expert matchmakers - we ensure a great fit between our clients’ needs and the capabilities of our team members - and because we have a robust team, as our clients’ needs change, we have the staff to keep up

We handle all basic training and supervise all of our team members - as a client you’re never left alone to oversee your assistants

We have internal team managers and trainers who ensure that our team member are delivering our very best work to our clients

If needed, we have packages where we work alongside you to help you learn HOW to outsource and create the processes needed for success

Our head office is in Toronto, Canada, and we understand western business culture - because we live it, too!

We have redundancy and risk management plans for our team members to account for power interruptions, illnesses and natural disasters so that critical client work is still attended to in a timely fashion

We care deeply about our team members and strive to provide meaningful working opportunities and awesome job perks - you can feel good about outsourcing to us!

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